Spotlight: Jean-Michel Basquiat

Jean-Michel Basquiat

We start off our Black History Month Spotlight Series with a look at the life of Jean-Michel Basquiat. His genius trapped in a burgeoning art movement set on ‘crazed’ did nothing to help slow down the excesses he became victim of. At 27, he was dead of a drug overdose in his Great Jones loft…the radiant child had left his canvassed works behind screaming at the world, their many faces torturing and riveting are not unlike his legacy.

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Art Smart on the Sly


Since you never know what crowd you’ll be falling into –we’ve compiled a non-threatening mix of books to get your Art Smart on. Some cover the hype of a few well-known art stars, and others take you into current art movements. There are a few biographies and “text” book like works on our list, but that’s because it makes it easier to appreciate the new when you know what influences the artist drew from. Continue Reading

Andy Warhol x Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Collection (Good Luck Getting a Pair)


The buzz is Converse is dropping a Chuck Taylor All Star Andy Warhol Converse collection this January.  There’s going to be a limited edition run of only 200 pairs sold within the US. Continue Reading

ArteSano Project Adds some Flair in the Dominican Republic

JAZ. ArteSano Project. Rio San Juan, Dominican Republic. December, 2014. (photo © Mario E Ramirez/

This year my inbox saw a parade of press releases for festivals cropping up in India, Brazil, Canada and now I’m crushing on these pics from the ArteSano Project in the Dominican Republic.  They drove me straight to Instagram see what was popping up on the streets of DR in real-time.  It’s all amazing – use the hashtag #artesanoproject.  I was pleasantly surprised to see works from artists like, Pixel Pancho, Axel Void, and Evoca1. Continue Reading

Represent: 200 Years of African American Art


Represent: 200 Years of African American Art now showing at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Continue Reading

Top 5 Art Shows of 2014

Kara Walker sphinx

These shows made the list because I visited them more than once (that rarely ever happens) or my sensibilities were totally confounded by the creativity…these shows rocked my 2014. Continue Reading