Žilda and Rö – The Assassination of Marat


Sometimes you see art so stunning being created that it doesn’t leave you with much to else to say. That’s what happened after I watched a video of French street artists Žilda and Rö reinterpreting L’assassinat de Marat (The Assassination of Marat), a painting by Jean-Joseph Weerts.

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Pop Art your Valentine’s Day


Pop Art your Valentine’s Day with some Robert Indiana inspired swag. Here are some of our favorite gifts inspired by the famous sculpture in Philadelphia’s Love Park. After all, art is a beautiful expression of our inward desires.

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Taking Aim: Rock and Roll Photography Exhibit

Taking Aim: Unforgettable Rock ‘n’ Roll Photographs Selected by Graham Nash showed at the Museum of Photographic Arts from June 12 – September 26, 2010. Taking Aim spans more than fifty years of music-making as seen through the eyes of 40 legendary photographers. Continue Reading

Kicking back with ArtStars* Host: Nadja Sayej


An episode of ArtStars* is the cure for your art attention deficit disorder, the guilty pleasure for those pretending to reject art criticism, the relief for those tired of desperately trying to look as serious as everyone else in a room full of art when faced with the dreaded question “What do you think it means?”

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