Top 5 Art Shows of 2014

Kara Walker sphinx

These shows made the list because I visited them more than once (that rarely ever happens) or my sensibilities were totally confounded by the creativity…these shows rocked my 2014. Continue Reading

Kandinsky’s 148th Celebrated with Google Doodle & Our Kandinksy Audio Primer


Today Kandinksy’s 148th birthday is being celebrated as a Google Doodle. It reminds us of our old HAHA MAG Kandinksy audio tour, when we tried to make your Russian art experience a little more interesting and a lot less aggravating. Your Handy Kandinsky Primer Package includes: MP3s, Photos, Intro to Audio Tour, and a trusty map Continue Reading

The Best of the Rest: Miami Art Week 2014 Pic Fest

Photo Dec 05, 2 59 42 PM

Welcome to our Miami Art Week 2014 ‘Best of the Rest’ Fest. This smorgasbord of pictures are culled from the fairs we really enjoyed this year around, including the new Latin American fair- PINTA. Continue Reading

We Made It Thru Art Basel Miami 2014, And We’ve got the Pictures to Prove It

Photo Dec 03, 3 04 12 PM

Miami Art Basel Week is amazing. It’s a art plethora of more art than is humanly possible for your eyeballs to process. At some point – no matter what anyone else tells you – it just starts to turn into ‘stuff’. But boy do I love ‘stuff’. Continue Reading



There’s nothing I like more than good old fashioned folk-lore storytelling meant for children – mean enough and creepy enough to scare adults. Pair that up with a craft as delicate as weaving a story from threads and you have gold. Book gold, that is… Continue Reading