Kobra Back in LA


Brazilian Street Artist, Eduardo Kobra is back.

We’ve featured his colorful blocked out murals in the past ( The Kiss out in Chelsea, the Niemeyer Tribute and his Rushmore) and now he’s back here in the States to focus on a new series of murals.

The side of  Mr. Brainwash’s studio (1255 La Brea Ave. in Los Angeles) is now home to Kobra’s newest mural of Albert Einstein. It’s also where he painted the Rushmore mural last year.

tumblr_mtc7xbB8cv1qa6dtuo2_1280 tumblr_mtc7xbB8cv1qa6dtuo3_1280

The idea for this new series will take a look at people who have contributed to making the world a better place. “The idea is making people think about “Whose eyes are those watching us?” and so, instead of painting full portraits as he usually does, the artist wants to place a challenge for those who “observe” at the same time that are “observed” so they can figure out who is the face in the wall. The choice for the face was based on great thinkers who were Nobel laureates.”

*Thanks to Eduardo’s team for sending us these amazing pics.