Insomnia: Sandro Giordano's Photo Series 'Bodies with no Regret'

Sandro Giordano's Photo Series 'Bodies with no Regret' features the pitfalls of devotion to material things in unsettlingly funny ways.


I’m currently losing sleep over the work of photographer, Sandro Giordano.  The malarkey is all detailed in his Instagram where broken bodies fall almost hilariously over themselves and into ridiculous scenes where the quest to hold onto material possessions has some serious consequences. The photo series, In Extremis, was born out of a firsthand experience with this pitfall. Giordano himself suffered a fall while riding his bicycle. As he fell, he held onto an object in his hand instead of using his hands to stop his fall. A few weeks later, a friend broke his leg on some rocks while trying to avoid dropping his smartphone in water.

It’s gold – once you start peering into these insanely detailed sets, your mind will wander effortlessly into playing out the scenario of how his victims met their twisty tragic ends. Giordano states: “My photos tell the stories of people who live life at an exhausting pace, experiencing sudden blackouts. When the demands of the modern world become too much to cope with, our body rebels against our brain wreaking havoc in our day-to-day life.”


Still Sober/Rome 2015

84 Perry Street/New York

Till Death Do Us Part/Calcata 2015

Happy Birthday to Me/Rome, 2014

Where You Run/New York, 2015

Solo_Per_Amore-650x650More info: Instagram | Facebook
All images © Sandro Giordano

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