What The Heck?! Random Guy Buffs ESPO Mural


espo mural

Most people that follow the work of artist Steve Powers aka ‘ESPO’ know about the mural he painted in Philadelphia – off of Front Street, for the promotion of Philly musician, Kurt Vile’s album, “ Waking On a Pretty Daze”.

Well today this unknown guy took it upon himself to paint over the ESPO piece because he thinks “it attracted graffiti to the neighborhood” – you know the one rich in public art. The same neighborhood I toured during a TED WALK on the merits of Public Art.

From what our sources ascertained, he’s neither the property owner or employed by the city, nor might I add associated with any community initiative. After being asked to stop and being told that this was a commissioned piece by world renowned artist ‘ESPO’ – he replied that he didn’t’ give a s$#!. Oddly enough, he did leave without finishing, but he defaced enough it.

But seriously dude, why stop now? You almost wrecked it all… maybe because you stopped to think for more than two seconds to realize you don’t have the right to go around judging what art stays and what goes in our neighborhoods?

What a douche move… and by the way, now the wall looks like crap. Way to go – you accomplished what again?

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*photos thanks to Najeeb (@dasheikee) who happened to be driving by the mural when this went down.

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