Design Finds, Part Deux


Ipad-integrated ‘Salsa Table’


The iPad integrated ‘salsa table” consists of four seats located in different directions that are integrated for ipad use. The main idea is to bring people at one platform so that they can share ideas together. Soon to show up at your favorite hipster spot.


Color Co-ordinated Color Pencils


Designed by Felissimo for Social Designer, this limited edition set of 500 colored pencils consists of 20 units, that cannot be bought all at once. It works like a pencil of the month club, you receive them over the course of 20 months. The wall-mounted display cases, made by Orchestra, have been especially designed for the series, allowing the pencils to be displayed as artwork.



This is hot! Playbutton pairs the concept of a great album with the classic button pin for the perfect wearable way to listen to music. The front of the button would feature the artwork of your album cover. Like an iPod Shuffle the device has controls to play, pause, skip, and adjust volume, all powered by a rechargeable lithium battery. The coolest feature for bands looking to distribute and promote their music…the content is pre-loaded and cannot be changed or downloaded – it’s all yours, no one is gonna be uploading some insipid pop single over your masterpiece.



This newly coming Grand Central Station Espresso Bar was designed by New York studio Nemaworkshop to resemble a library turned on its side. The interior has been rotated 90 degrees so that one wall features the pattern wooden flooring while the opposite wall will have pendent lights protruding horizontally. A photograph of bookshelves printed on custom tiles will line the floor, end wall and ceiling. Trippy…

The Bike Shelf


Chris Brigham designed this bike shelf – a beautifully crafted piece of solid wood and suspended it by a solid steel square rod mount. It acts as a multi-purpose shelf. The shelf can be custom made for any size bike and can be crafted in practically any wood of your choosing.