Blacklight Pop Art Makeup Video Tutorial [Sponsored]

Blacklight Pop Art

The folks over at want to show you how to have some fun with this Blacklight Pop Art Makeup Video Tutorial.

The “pop art” art movement emerged during the 50’s which paved way to a very unique and enticing kind of art and design. Surely, it would look good as a face paint design for Halloween!

Blacklight Pop Art


We recommend Graftobian ProPaint Metallic/Neon Palette for this design.

You may also get all the face paint colors used in this tutorial in one kit. Choose from either the Graftobian Makeup Kit or the Diamond FX Makeup Kit.


Tips: Always start with a clean face. Make sure that all paints, tools and the work area are all clean. Prepare everything you need before you start.

Let’s paint! 

Step 1. Create the base. Load your sponge with Electric Yellow and apply generously on the whole face.

Blacklight Pop Art_1

Step 2. Put on the lipstick. Paint the lips with Shocking Pink with your #6 round brush.
Blacklight Pop Art_2
Step 3. Create eye shadows. With your sponge, cover the eyelids with Radioactive Green.
Blacklight Pop Art_3
Step 4. Draw eyeliners. Draw eyeliners along the lower eyelids with the same paint, Radioactive Green, and with your #6 round brush.

Blacklight Pop Art_4

Step 5.  Paint the polkadots. Dip a cotton swab on Atomic Orange and use it as a “brush” to put dots all over the yellow base. This will give it that Pop Art feel to the design.

Blacklight Pop Art_5

Step 6. Draw the details. Using your #1 round brush and Raven Black paint, draw the various details on the design such as eyelashes, eyebrows and shadowing on the nose, cheekbones and chin.

Blacklight Pop Art_6

Step 7. Outline the hairline. To outline the hairline, use your #6 round brush and some Raven Black paint.

Blacklight Pop Art_7

Step 8. Highlight the hair. Put some highlights to the hair by using a sponge with some Shocking Pink.

Blacklight Pop Art_8

Step 9. More highlights to the hair. Add more highlights to the hair. This time with Electric Yellow.

Blacklight Pop Art_9

Step 10. Outline the hair streak. Paint the hair streak with Raven Black. Use a #6 round brush.

Blacklight Pop Art_10


The finished product! 

Under Normal Lighting

Blacklight Pop Art_Final

Under the Blacklight

Blacklight Pop Art_Final Blacklight



YouTube Preview Image



There’s nothing I like more than good old fashioned folk-lore storytelling meant for children – mean enough and creepy enough to scare adults. Pair that up with a craft as delicate as weaving a story from threads and you have gold. Book gold, that is…

The Original Folk and Fairy Tales of the Brothers Grimm has a fresh translation and enchanting new illustrations created by Romanian-born visual artist Andrea Dezsöto.  Her delicate ink drawings mimic monochromatic, delicate black and white paper layered cutouts – a great play on the light and dark elements in Grimm stories.

When asked how she chose which fairy tales and which particular scenes to illustrate? Dezsöto explained,  “I chose tales to illustrate that gave me immediate, strong, clear mental images as I read them,” explained Dezsö. “The scenes to be illustrated popped into my mind, often fully formed—like the whale rearing from the water with a man sitting in a tiny boat in front of it. I love tales that feature the devil or other nonhuman creatures, so that influenced my choices, too.”

I’m looking forward to tunneling through the stories in between the spaces of Dezsöto illustrations.


Take the time and pour through this wonderful interview with artist, Andrea Dezsöto here at Brain Pickings.

via MyModernMet


‘The Twelve Brothers’


‘The Frog King, or Iron Henry’


‘The Singing Bone’


‘The Golden Key’


‘Herr Fix-It-Up’


‘The Godfather’


‘The Devil in the Green Coat’

Things We Love – Long Overdue Edition


Upperplayground X Dennis McNett

It’s been out since early summer, but I figure I’ve still got a few months till the weather freezes me out of my t-shirts.  So I’m still trying to make the HAITI Wolfbat purchase. Only every time I hit that ‘add to cart’ button – it keeps giving me that 404: Error ‘Sucka you too late screen’.  So I guess I’m on an eBay hunt. But it’s sweet right?



Reminds me of my earlier summer find




I’m completely obsessed with the storytelling creativity of Rumisu scarves. Their limited edition runs are a playground of hand-drawn illustrations transferred to silk scarves, while playful hand crocheted accessories (paying tribute to the traditional Turkish art of ‘oya’) dangle from a scarf corner. The scarves appeal to men and women alike with a flair for having trinkets with ‘must have’ names like: Moby Dick, Troy…War because of an apple, Chicken Pox and Car Theives.  Rumisu is run by two sisters in Istanbul whose Instagram I check on the regular to see who they’re collaborating with next.






Swatch Caramellissima Watch

Swatch Watches are like Lisa Frank for me – two companies that remind me of my childhood – they possesses buying power I have yet to outgrow.  And now I discovered a Swatch that won’t leave rainbow rings on my wrist or give me a communicable disease from sharing.



Swatch Pastry Chefs Collection Caramellissima


Skateboard Chairs

What other reason do I possibly need other than ‘these are some seriously rad chairs’.


Skateboard chairs



Sticky Paper Tape Wrapping Paper

Design: Nina von Wahlberg

I suppose it’s like the laziest thing ever, but having to expertly gift wrap presents I can’t wait to give immediately bores me to tears.  Then I saw this and immediately starting looking for things to gift.  To my dear friends – everything I give you this year will be wrapped with this… Surprise ruined.





Real Rosewood Macbook Wook Keyboard Skin

I’ve been a bit obsessed with wood design lately, so I’d jump at the chance to turn my working pal into a rustic feeling. And yeah, this is real wood (NOT vinyl). It’s made from real Rosewood veneer with a 3M™ pressure sensitive adhesive backing.  Fancy, Fancy…



Rosewood Macbook Skin




I bet a lot of these Andy Warhol Bugaboo strollers will start cropping up in the parks this summer – where the cool babies meet for even cooler play dates.

It’s not the first artist inspired baby accessory Bugaboo has put out, but the 1966 Velvet Underground album cover design is their latest collaboration with the Andy Warhol foundation and slickest one yet.

via lostateminorandy-warhol-bugaboo-banana-3-IIHIH-650x615 andy-warhol-bugaboo-banana-4-IIHIH-650x630

Kate Shepherd Wrapping Paper


Looking for the perfect way to wrap your Valentine’s Lorenzo Buffa watch? Look no further than Kate Shepherd‘s New York Times inspired, hand-printed wrapping paper. Designed by the New York artist internationally recognized for her use of enamel that produces an elegant, clean aesthetic, each sheet of wrapping paper is one-of-a-kind.

Kate Shepherd Wrapping Paper is available on Artware Editions.




Cassette Tape Bookmark



I simply love this bookmark. It gives me waves of nostalgia – makes me want to dig underneath my bed and find that old dusty box of cassette tapes and play all the old songs I waited to come on the radio for hours with my fingers poised over the record button.

Now all I need is a copy of a Rob Sheffield book and the transformation back to my youth will be complete…preferably ‘Love is a Mixtape‘.

You can buy your set here.

*fffound with the help of SweetStation




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tumblr_mvwmz5ev8M1qa6dtuo1_500founder_lorenzo_buffa (1)

Lorenzo Buffa, founder of the Analog Watch Co. has designed what we’re now referring to as a hipster trapping… how could it not be?  It’s got all the markings of things we self-confessed hipsters love about a design and its designer.

His Carpenter Collection features four timepieces each with a strikingly different combination of woods: Makore & Red Sanders, Silverheart & Maple, Teak and Bamboo and Leather & Blackwood. These androgynous timepieces are sleek and light in their seemingly impossible combination of wood & leather. Their flexible soft leather straps are covered in the wood veneers making for a clean seamless look – lets not forget to mention the watches are 90% biodegradable. No small feat, that is unless you hold a degree in Industrial Design from the University of The Arts in Philadelphia – which Buffa does.

But in all seriousness…we love it for its pull on a natural aesthetic. There’s no in your face branding, no clunky numbers on the face. It’s the kind of watch that garners attention for it’s simplicity & sustainability – that makes it our must have accessory.


*Analog is running a Kickstarter campaign right now to help them manufacture the Carpenter Collection.  Last time I checked they’d reached their goal. But supporters still have a great opportunity to get one of first watches off the production line at a much cheaper cost than they’ll be retailing for later on. Plus, according to Buffa, the extra donations will go towards a higher quality package and the ability to start development on a new line.

watch_prototypes_wood_Analog_Watch_Co (1)

blackwoodleather_Analog_Watch_Co (1)

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The Woods is a collaboration between Oslo Designers StokkeAustad & Andreas Engesvik. The sculptures consist of seven pieces joined in two separate sections.

These hand blown glass sculptures were inspired by the lights and landscapes of the North. ”A tree changing colors and transparency through the seasons is a fascinating process which was captured in this glass object.” says Engesvik.

via The Art Cake

Photos via Andreas Engesvik

Andreas-Engsavik-1 Andreas-Engsavik-3 Andreas-Engsavik-4

5 Street Art Instagrammers You Should Follow

photo 1

photo 1

  • Martha Cooper / Handle: Marthacoopergram – Legendary Graffiti Photographer, Martha Cooper is basically ‘have lens will travel’. Most recently she was in Puerto Rico capturing street artists: Vhils, Luis Perez, Monica Parada, NEPO, and Colectivo Fibra in action. You wanna stay in the know – follow Martha – her pictures come from the core of the inner circle. I mean, you did see the surprise mural put up for this graffiti darlings birthday at the Wall (Houston & Bowery) didn’t you?

photo 1

  • JR / Handle: JR – No one bounces around the globe quite like JR & his crew. This TED Talks street artist brings the faces of urban communities into the forefront with his large scale wheatpastes. It’s all so job fantasy camp, whether you’re viewing pics of their global meet-ups (parties) or looking at a aerial view of his work lacing the favelas of Brazil. Not to miss: snapshots of prideful smiles when JR revisits his muses.

photo 2

  • Os Gemeos / Handle: osgemeos – The Brazilian twins document their process extensively on their account. You’ll get to drop in on their murals in progress, see their sketches forming…though my favorite moments come when other street artists drop by their gallery shows to wish them luck and then show up in their feed.

photo 3

  • Jonathan LeVine Gallery / Handle: JonathanLevineGallery – The Gallery’s Instagram puts you in the thick of their shows: you can catch the artist preparing the gallery, see the install, pieces from the show, and drool over the after-party. The account should come with a tagline “We’ll make you wish you were here.”

photo 4

  • Seth GlobePainter / Handle: seth_globepainter – French Street Artist, Seth Globepainter is everywhere. You’ll globe trot with him via the colorful large scale murals he leaves behind. His Modus Operandi is achieving a culture vibe by taking a photo of a local in front of the mural once it’s completed. Gotta admit, It’s a pretty significant way to humanize a projects.

Michel Gondry’s Surrealist Movie, Mood Indigo



Michel Gondry might as well be the sandman ( in a non-creepy horror film way); his videos are like mini breaks from reality with scenes stolen from hyperactive dreams.

He does have that X factor, by that I mean, he’s French – and he makes typical French Fare.  Let’s face it, Parisian movies are usually nothing more than glorious art porn.

So you won’t be shocked when I say, I’m drooling over the trailer for his new film, Mood Indigo, cause who doesn’t want to float away on a cloud with an adorable French guy or live in a quaint subway car suspended over Paris.

You can check out the trailer for L’écume des jours  here – cause let’s face it, no hipster would be caught dead mentioning it by anything other than the French title.