Lost Object Install Found in Miami

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While in Miami for the art fairs we ran into Hyland Mather (aka X-O), who left one of his unique lost objects installations in my hometown of Philly this past summer.

The cool part about meeting up with your artists friends during Basel Week (besides the obvious catching up) is getting a chance to see their work in a different environment. During this time of the year – when art is running rampant throughout Miami, the architecture firm of Shulman and Associate’s, gives the outside walls of their Design District office space over to an artist for interpretation.

Hyland was this year’s Artist-in-Residence, so to speak. He rocked this amazing lost objects install (one of my favorites to-date). Everything you see here is made of found, recycled objects, which he gathers while roaming the streets and then transforms them into these striking, geometric assemblages.

Can’t wait see more of these popping up in Philly (that’s my ‘not subtle’ hint Hyland).

You can check out more of Hyland’s work here. Instant gratification can always be had on his Instagram.

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*These awesome Lost Object Install Found in Miami pics are courtesy of the artist.

Kandinsky’s 148th Celebrated with Google Doodle & Our Kandinksy Audio Primer



Today, Russian abstract painter, Wassily Kandinsky’s 148th birthday is being celebrated as a Google Doodle. It reminds us of our old HAHA MAG Kandinsky audio tour, when we tried to make your Russian art experience a little more interesting and a lot less aggravating. I for one, had never been very impressed with Russia’s artistic visual history. I just didn’t get it, sometimes I think I still don’t.

But I have learned, the thing about Russian art is, if you step away from it and put the aesthetic aspect aside, you are literally getting a history lesson. Someone once told me that “every change in style, taste, imagery and even brush stroke comes down to the distinct political and social changes Russia experienced. You can trace the origins and the fall of communism through Russia’s art. You can pin point the moment Stalin died, you’ll know without hesitation that Khrushchev made his secret speech denouncing Stalin precipitating the thaw, and you’ll see that Gorbachev has come to power and that any minute now the wall was coming down and Russia would be scrambling to create a new history…”

That same person created this great audio tour for non-art enthusiasts, to prove that art can be intriguing. At the time, the Guggenheim was exhibiting, The Geometry of Kandinsky and Malevich, and the tour was created for viewing specific pieces in that exhibit. Though that exhibit is long gone, the Guggenheim still holds one of the largest collections of Kandinsky’s work.

Fortunately, you don’t need to be on site to view the art, we have everything you need in this handy little audio tour package:

Click here to download your Kandinsky_Malevich Audio Tour

Your Handy Package includes: MP3s, Photos, Intro to Audio Tour, and a trusty map

HAHA’s audio tours were always intended to get you away from the crowds – to be informative in a different kind of way. If you can’t make it to an exhibit you can experience it here. If you’re turned off by the snobbish atmosphere of big museums, you’ve come to the right place… get educated and enjoy it. You won’t get the same up close and personal experience with a real art piece, but hopefully you’ll leave with a completely different perspective.

*Click here to see the original post in which the audio tour appeared.

The Best of the Rest: Miami Art Week 2014 Pic Fest

Photo Dec 05, 2 59 42 PM

Welcome to our Best of the Rest: Miami Art Week 2014 Pic Fest. Hopefully you’ve seen our impassioned (jk) Miami Art Basel roundup (you can always bounce back over to it by clicking on the magic ‘here‘).

This smorgasbord of pictures is culled from the fairs we really enjoyed this year, including the new Latin American fair- PINTA. I try not to take pictures wantonly at the fairs, knowing how mind-blowing it is to come home and sift through thousands of images. Even then, I round down the amount of artists I think you’d like to know about.

So if it’s here, it was amazing to look at, I had the gallery owner help me explore the background of the piece, or it simply talked to me in that way (you know what way).

Go on…check it out.


Photo Dec 05, 2 13 36 PM

Ulf Puder / MARC STRAUS Gallery @ The Miami Art Project. This was my ‘One To Grow On’ moment at the fair. Puder, a German artist whose paintings depict haunting environments filled with abandoned architecture. It’s the color choices and sneaky geometrical deconstruction and construction of shapes that draw you in.

Photo Dec 05, 2 45 45 PM

I will always take pictures of Kris Kuski’s insane sculptures. Can only a mad man be this intense when it comes to detail? His work is on my ‘Lord, please let me own one one day’ list. @ Miami Art Project

Photo Dec 05, 2 46 02 PM

Photo Dec 05, 3 00 44 PM

Jenny Morgan: Into The Blue, Oil on Canvas @ Miami Art Project. Her subjects continue to give morose, a beautifully poetic way.

Photo Dec 05, 2 01 49 PM

Won Ju Lim: Kiss d4, Plexiglass, light. Haines Gallery. So many pieces that dealt with capturing natural light were at Miami Project – this diptych was one of my favorites.

Photo Dec 05, 2 02 15 PM

Photo Dec 05, 2 02 08 PM

Photo Dec 05, 2 59 42 PM

I’m a sucker for anything that looks like it walked out of well imagined book description of unusual curiosities. This piece, ‘Cabinet of Craving’ is by the conceptual artist, Mel Chin.

Photo Dec 05, 2 46 48 PM

God, Geoff Mcfetridge makes art look easy. Clean lines, pretty shapes, great depth perception. His works are often clever and non threatening – yikes, those sounds like reasons not to purchase. But I dare you to try and resist them. @Miami Art Project

Photo Dec 05, 4 56 53 PM

This is from the late Jason Rhoades – Untitled (Chandelier), 2004. Glass, wire, neon, plexiglass, fabric, and plastic. The Rubell Collection.

Photo Dec 05, 4 58 44 PM

Detail of the Jason Rhoades piece, Untitled (Chandelier)

Photo Dec 05, 5 14 11 PM

Maurizio Cattelan / La Rivoluzione Siamo Noi, 2000, The Rubell Collection.

Photo Dec 02, 7 03 18 PM

Alex Yanes / Amigo Totem (3 stacked 55 gallon oil drums). Joseph Gross Gallery @Miami Scope.

Photo Dec 02, 7 04 27 PM

Photo Dec 02, 5 13 57 PM

You take the picture because it’s a freaking Ray Caesar. It’s perfection. @Miami Scope

Photo Dec 02, 5 17 27 PM

Phantom Limb / 2014 / Chris Roberts-Anteau / Fabric Applique. Stumbling across new work is thrilling. I was especially encouraged to keep checking out this work after reading Anteau’s nicely explained, hand-written artist statement. @Miami Scope

Photo Dec 02, 5 17 35 PM

Photo Dec 02, 5 17 07 PM

Photo Dec 02, 6 19 04 PM

Second year running now that I’ve been getting close up on these Chang Park paintings and just staring into the void. These oil paintings are a perfect blend of great painting technique with the skilled hand of an illustrator. The subjects could start talking in word bubbles at any second – I swear. Anthony Brunelli Fine Arts @ Miami Scope

Photo Dec 02, 6 19 40 PM

Chang Park / Untitled_F / Oil on Canvas

Photo Dec 06, 11 30 07 AM

Photographer Jim Payne found an interesting way to catalog moments through viewfinders. Really enjoyed the momentary intimacy with the subjects that lay within. @Aqua Art Fair

Photo Dec 06, 11 36 57 AM

So much fun to see Andrea Heimer showing at Aqua Art Fair in Miami. She’s was by far, one of the funniest/down-to-earth artists I ever interviewed. This piece is titled, ‘If you’re ok then I’m ok and we can do this until we’re very old.’ Acrylic on canvas. Good Luck Gallery

Photo Dec 06, 11 37 05 AM

Detail of Andrea Heimer’s, ‘If you’re ok then I’m ok and we can do this until we’re very old.’ Acrylic on canvas. Good Luck Gallery

photo 5 (1)

Javier Abdala / Van Gogh / Guerra Gallery – wood (found objects), metal, paint ,wood Carving, 96.457 x 70.866 inches @ Pinta Art Fair

photo 4 (1)

Colombian artist Omar Castaneda. Castaneda is committed to the local culture of Columbia – exposing their socio-political issues with concepts and materials related to food and animals, since according to him, that is the basis of the people, the culture and their habits. @Pinta Art Fair

photo 1 (4)

Colombian artist Omar Castaneda @Pinta Art Fair

photo 2 (2)

Colombian artist Omar Castaneda @Pinta Art Fair

We Made It Thru Art Basel Miami 2014, And We’ve got the Pictures to Prove It

Photo Dec 03, 3 04 12 PM

We are late with this article and we know it. It’s just possible that this list got held up because we were reading everyone else’s Basel lists. They were clever, entertaining and made us cringe when we realized we had not ‘in fact’ seen everything Basel had to offer.

Miami Art Basel Week is amazing. It’s a art plethora of more art than is humanly possible for your brain to process…eyeball overload. At some point – no matter what anyone else tells you – it just starts to turn into ‘stuff’. But boy do I love ‘stuff’. Stuff from other countries, simple stuff I think I could make in my garage (I could not. It’s just the Bob Ross effect talking), huge stuff that you walk around trying to imagine how it was even conceived, stuff that you’ve only seen in magazines until now. Stuff that was born from imagination and memory, from social and political pondering, from dreams and nightmares.

If that sounds remotely romantic in notion and dramatic in speech – then good – that’s how I feel after getting to immerse myself in what I love doing. And I love having the opportunity to bring it back to you.

“It is simply a consideration of the arts out of which aesthetic reflection arises, and the experience out of which the arts grow, which they clarify and which they enhance”.

But I digress, switch off the artsy fartsy and simply say…Yo, here’s our Art Basel Miami 2014 list.

If you’re still not overloaded, check out our roundup of the Miami Art Project, Pinta (Latin American Art Fair), The Rubell Collection, and Miami Scope. For the sake of time and sanity we’re gonna call it: The Best of the Rest.

*the pics belong to us, the quote to Irwin Edman.

DANIEL ARSHAM Welcome To the Future @ Locus Projects

Daniel Arsham_Welcome to the Future

Miami, Florida – My pictures do it little justice – the orchestrated rip in the ground filled with replicas of everyday objects that project our generations wanton needs and everyday desires.

The site specific exhibit, Welcome To the Future transforms the Locus Projects into a archaeological dig yet to happen.  You stand on the edge of the trench, peering over into a sea of VHS tapes, keyboards, boom boxes, video game controllers, film reels, Blackberries, SLR cameras all rendered from obsidian (dark natural glass the forms when lava cools), rock dust and crystals. At your feet lay the devices that have all, at one time or another, seemed impossible to live without, now representing narratives of past, present, and future. As I stood there, I wondered what the objects might say to future generations about our use of time. Will they be able to determine what our relationships to these ‘things’ were?

It excavated a lot of feelings, being made to look at iconic references from the 21st century in way that predates the way of life I still recognize.  The conflict, I’m sure will be individually unique and open to the interpretation of each viewer.  Welcome to the Future has a surprisingly even-killed feeling ( a calmness partially due to the objects graduated tones of white and grays) for an exhibit that plays on your concepts of stability and consistency.

Overall, I think Arsham intends to engage us in thoughtful dialogue without forcing you to fake finding a ‘purpose to life’ amongst the rumble.  I say that in a wholly appreciative way.

“Welcome to the Future” will be open to the public until January 2015.

Daniel Arsham Welcome to the Future @Locust Projects
3852 N. Miami Ave.
Miami, FL 33127


Daniel Arsham_Welcome to the Future10

Daniel Arsham_Welcome to the Future9

Daniel Arsham_Welcome to the Future

Daniel Arsham_Welcome to the Future8

Daniel Arsham_Welcome to the Future7

Daniel Arsham_Welcome to the Future6

Daniel Arsham_Welcome to the Future5

Daniel Arsham_Welcome to the Future4

Daniel Arsham_Welcome to the Future3

Daniel Arsham_Welcome to the Future2

Daniel Arsham_Welcome to the Future1


We’re All Up in Miami Art Basel




HAHA MAG has descended on Miami with all the other art geeks for Art Basel Week.  That means we probably won’t be posting regularly this week. But we will be doing our thing and instagramming all the excitement & debauchery (well, maybe not that).

Join us, follow us, interact with us…we’re here from December 2nd – 7th and we’ll do our best to answer back and deliver great shots from the fairs, Wynwood Walls and everyplace else our soon-to-be blistered feet can get to.

More from Images Mumbai’s Month Long Street Art Festival!


We’re coming into the homestretch of St+art India’s month long street art festival in Mumbai – aptly named St+art Mumbai.

Mumbai’s month long street art festival (Nov 7th -30th) has welcomed some of the most talented Indian & International street artists to transform their buzzing city with murals, installations, workshops, and performances. The festival’s goal is to promote street art on Indian landscapes as well as provide a platform for artists to collaborate on a global level. Since Nov 7th, I’ve referenced the hashtag #startmumbai hundreds of times – each time I was surprised and elated to see not only the range of art but the different ways people captured and responded to the work. Whether walking out of their homes to watch or taking a quick snapshot on the way to work; Mumbai was watching…and so were we.

Here’s a roundup of pictures from weeks two and three of the festival.

Various locations in Bandra, Dharavi, Kala Ghoda, Pedder Road and Versova and will also be featured as a part of the Street Art Project by Google.

Keep up with Mumbai’s Street Art Festival with these links – Facebook: www.facebook.com/startindiafoundation / Website: www.st-artmumbai.org / Hashtag- #startmumbai

Thanks again to St+art Mumbai for keeping us in the loop! Special thanks to all art lovers that allowed us to use their amazing Instagram shots!

Photo credit  – Akshat Nauriyal (unless otherwise noted)


Featured Links!




Artist: ANO / Based out of: Taipei, Taiwan


photo 5

Artist: ANO / Photo Credit @udaykhambadkone


Artist: Anpu / Based: DELHI, INDIA

photo 3

Artist: Anpu / Photo Credit @startindia


Artist: Gomez / Based: ROME, ITALY

photo 4 (1)

Artist: Gomez / Photo Credit: @_niddee_


Artist: Yantr / Based: ASSAM, INDIA


Artist: Tona / Based: HAMBURG, GERMANY


Artist: Tika / Based: ZURICH, SWITZERLAND

photo 1 (1)

Artist: Tika / Photo Credit: @mycrotchetyluv


Artist: Dome / Based: KARLSRUHE, GERMANY

photo 2 (1)

Artist: Dome / Photo Credit: @mmehul19



Artist: Daan Botlek / Based: ROTTERDAM, NETHERLANDS

photo 2 (2)

Artist: Daan Botlek / Photo Credit: @askate92

photo 1 (2)

Artist: Daan Botlek / Photo Credit: @startindia


Dharavi Workshop


TONA at the Dharavi Workshop



There’s nothing I like more than good old fashioned folk-lore storytelling meant for children – mean enough and creepy enough to scare adults. Pair that up with a craft as delicate as weaving a story from threads and you have gold. Book gold, that is…

The Original Folk and Fairy Tales of the Brothers Grimm has a fresh translation and enchanting new illustrations created by Romanian-born visual artist Andrea Dezsöto.  Her delicate ink drawings mimic monochromatic, delicate black and white paper layered cutouts – a great play on the light and dark elements in Grimm stories.

When asked how she chose which fairy tales and which particular scenes to illustrate? Dezsöto explained,  “I chose tales to illustrate that gave me immediate, strong, clear mental images as I read them,” explained Dezsö. “The scenes to be illustrated popped into my mind, often fully formed—like the whale rearing from the water with a man sitting in a tiny boat in front of it. I love tales that feature the devil or other nonhuman creatures, so that influenced my choices, too.”

I’m looking forward to tunneling through the stories in between the spaces of Dezsöto illustrations.


Take the time and pour through this wonderful interview with artist, Andrea Dezsöto here at Brain Pickings.

via MyModernMet


‘The Twelve Brothers’


‘The Frog King, or Iron Henry’


‘The Singing Bone’


‘The Golden Key’


‘Herr Fix-It-Up’


‘The Godfather’


‘The Devil in the Green Coat’

Filthy Lurker’s Green Tentacled Monster Attacks Jidal Mansion

Lurker's Green Tentacled Monster Attacks in Indi

Lurker's Green Tentacled Monster Attacks in Indi

Lurker’s Green Tentacled Monster Attacks again…

That’s right, the Jidal Mansion (as in, Steel magnate Sajjan Jindal) in Mumbai has been Lurked!  

Street artist, Filthy Lurker has popped up in India with his trademark inflatable green octopus. One look on Instagram (#startmumbai) and you can see folks are having a blast capturing the over sized tentacles spilling out of the windows and off the balcony .

Lurker’s installation is part of the month long street art exhibition hosted by St+art Mumbai – bringing over 20 artists from around the world to Mumbai to share in the celebration… don’t you just love it when art attacks!

St+art India Website

Lurker Website

Project Hashtag #startmumbai

Lurker's Green Tentacled Monster Attacks in Indi

Haunting Double Exposure Portraits Give A Delicious Slip Out of Reality


Some of the best mistakes in photography are double exposures…or so I think. It’s like being caught in a parallel universe…stuck somewhere in between the places you’ve been and the places you dream about. As if you could be grounded one second and take flight the next.

Enter the haunting layering of untold stories seen through London-based photographer Julia Fullerton-Batten‘s double exposure portraits. Fullerton-Batten is known for using cinematic lighting, and beautiful backgrounds to frame her subjects in a aura of intimacy and grace.  These double exposure prints are from Batten’s personal collection… in her bio “She insinuates visual tensions in her fine-art images, and imbues them with a hint of mystery, that combine to tease the viewer to re-examine the picture continuously, each time seeing more content and finding a deeper meaning with every viewing.”

These photographs are no exception.

Julia Fullerton-Batten Website

JuliaFullertonBattendouble exposure portraits1

JuliaFullertonBattendouble exposure portraits2

JuliaFullertonBattendouble exposure portraits3

JuliaFullertonBattendouble exposure portraits4

via mymodernmet

Luminous Bike Path gives Gentle Nod to Van Gogh’s Starry Night

vangogh-9-1600.jpg__800x0_q85_crop-scale crop_subsampling-2

Dutch designer Daan Roosegaarde’s – known for developing the Netherlands first glow-in-the-dark Smart Highway has designed a new cycle path inspired by Vincent Van Gogh’s painting Starry Night.

The Van Gogh-Roosegaarde Bicycle Path opened yesterday in Nuenen [The Netherlands]. The cycle path is illuminated with swirling patterns, coated with a special paint that uses energy (gathered from near by solar panels) during the day to glow after dark. LEDs curve alongside of the paths turns to generate extra light when the weather doesn’t allow the panels to charge the surface to its full capacity.

Very poetically, the swirling paths that reference the patterns in Starry Night, go right through the Dutch province of Noord Brabant, where the artist was born and raised.

Via Dezeen


vangogh-9-1600.jpg__800x0_q85_crop-scale crop_subsampling-2


photo (3)



Chicago Artist Fills Potholes With Amazing Mosaics


I think its apparent that Chicago based artist, Jim Bachor got tired of his city’s pothole problem. These beautiful flower adorned mosaics are more than just a axle saver – it’s some serious street art that I hope catches on in other cities (preferably my own …Philly potholes are murderous and plentiful).

The mosaics were put in this fall; Bachor has a handy list of addresses up on his website – go discover if any of the mosaics survived the crush of the tire.

If you’re in the windy city, Bachor is exhibiting his free standing mosaics at the Packer Schopf Gallery in Chicago, November 9 to December 13, 2014.

via Colossal