New Jason Andrew Turner Mural at Elixr


Adoring the new Jason Andrew Turner mural that went up over the weekend inside the quaint Philly hot spot, Elixr Coffee .  Art at Elixr  is curated by Ryan Greenberg, who commissions amazing interior and exterior mural installations that “encourage an open and active dialogue between Elixr, the artists, and the community at large”.



If you’re currently ‘still’ trying to break free of those cultural morals, then this popular ‘Ideal Boy’ series remix is hysterical.



Escif’s has a particular way with illustrative forms of storytelling, translating an evolving understanding of global thoughts/politics onto a wall .



This is Super Future Kid’s (formerly known as Cake) surreal Daliesque pop filled world.



Six years ago, Vancouver based artist Fiona Tang  began focusing on a career in ceramics when she discovered she was allergic to the glazes and clay, so, she moved onto painting and drawing. Apparently, switching mediums didn’t hurt, now she’s showcasing these amazing trompe l’oeil* style charcoal and chalk pastel life-sized animals that are seemingly popping out […]

SPOTLIGHT: Gordon Parks


American Photographer Gordon Parks has been called “the most important black photographer in the history of photojournalism” – the man who taught himself how to take pictures at the age of twenty-five with a Voigtländer Brillant that he purchased at a pawn shop. In 1948, after a stint with the Farm Security Administration (F.S.A.) covering the nation’s social conditions, he […]

SPOTLIGHT: Kehinde Wiley


In honor of Black History Month we’ll spend the next few week highlighting notable African-Americans in the art world. First up is painter, Kehinde Wiley.

Kate Shepherd Wrapping Paper


Looking for the perfect way to wrap your Valentine’s Lorenzo Buffa watch? Look no further than Kate Shepherd‘s New York Times inspired, hand-printed wrapping paper. Designed by the New York artist internationally recognized for her use of enamel that produces an elegant, clean aesthetic, each sheet of wrapping paper is one-of-a-kind. Kate Shepherd Wrapping Paper […]

Michel Majerus at Matthew Marks Gallery

Michel Majerus

The most comprehensive retrospective since the tragic death of 35-year old Michel Majerus, the Berlin-based protégé of Joseph Kosuth, this exhibition will span all three Matthew Marks gallery spaces in Chelsea. Large scale paintings, such as “o.T. (collaboration Nr. 8)” (1999) make direct references to art historical motifs like Jean-Michel Basquiat’s signature figures and inclusion […]

Zeren Badar’s ‘Accident Series’

sea world

Self-taught photographer Zeren Badar describes his latest photography project, Accident Series as “rich, conceptual, sensual and anti-formal” turning “pre-existing works of art into Duchampian ready-mades”. Indeed he is exploring his Dada influences with a peculiar combination of photography, painting & collage. These collages are made with found objects, covered in food, laced in strong shadows […]

This Is Midge


PORTSMOUTH, UK  - Instagram has been a driving force in spreading Portsmouth based street artist, Midge’s work. Use the hashtag #thisismidge and it will serve up a plethora of beautiful hand painted black & white furry wide-eyed creatures lounging around on backdrops of vintage newsprint and aged sheet music. Recently Midge and fellow Portsmouth artist, […]

Andrea Heimer’s Suburban Mythology

Otto_Andrea Heimer

Andrea Heimer takes a delightfully sardonic jab at life in the burbs with her upcoming solo show: Suburban Mythology.


When you first see a new picture you are very careful because you may be staring at van Gogh’s ear. — Rene Ricard


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