One-Way Color Tunnel by Olafur Eliasson


One-way color tunnel, 2007 San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, 2007 Photo: Ian Reeves / Courtesy of San Francisco Museum of Modern Art

Danish-Icelandic artist Olafur Eliasson has proved over the years that he’s producing some of the most mesmerizing works of art, playing with light and color, challenging his viewers’ perception of space.  In 2007, he created a one-way color tunnel, now in the collection of the SFMoMa (San Francisco Museum of Modern Art), installed on a semi-transparent elevated walkway.

“One-way color tunnel is an arched walkway constructed from triangular panels of color-effect acrylic glass and acrylic mirrors. The panels are assembled into a rugged form, with the longest triangles at the base of the tunnel and the shortest triangles forming pyramidal outcroppings on the ceiling. As visitors move through the passageway, they see a fluctuating display of varied hues caused by the color-effect acrylic glass, which changes tone depending on how light strikes it. When they look back, however, instead of seeing the colorful environment they just passed through, they are met with the dull black backs of the panels, with only hints of color escaping through the interstices.”

As visitors move through the passageway, they see the fluctuating effect of light and reflections created by the color-effect acrylic and acrylic mirrors. On one side, the tunnel’s triangular panels seem completely black; from the other end, a multicolored spectrum shines through, changing as the viewers walks by.

photos courtesy of Olaf Eliasson

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Octopus Typewriter by Courtney Brown

Octopus Typewriter by Courtney Brown

This beast is an old relic recovered from a sunken ship, still hosting its former resident.  Oakland artist Courtney Brown fashioned a octopus typewriter I pray makes it as a backdrop for the next 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea remake. Brown used a 1938 Underwood typewriter affixed with sculpted bronze tentacles – a beautiful fright right out of your dreams or nightmares.

You choose.

Be sure to check out her great shots of the beast in the making.

Octopus Typewriter by Courtney Brown

Octopus Typewriter by Courtney Brown

Octopus Typewriter sketch_Courtney Brown

Octopus Typewriter by Courtney Brown

pictures courtesy of Courtney Brown’s website

THE Most Colorful Glass WOODS You’ve Ever Seen

Oslo Designers StokkeAustad Andreas Engesvik Glass WOODS

The Woods is a collaboration between Oslo Designers StokkeAustad & Andreas Engesvik. The sculptures consist of seven pieces joined in two separate sections.

These hand blown glass sculptures were inspired by the lights and landscapes of the North. ”A tree changing colors and transparency through the seasons is a fascinating process which was captured in this glass object.” says Engesvik.

via The Art Cake

Photos via Andreas Engesvik

Oslo Designers StokkeAustad Andreas Engesvik Glass WOODS Andreas-Engsavik-3 Oslo Designers StokkeAustad Andreas Engesvik Glass WOODS

Ballerina Performs En Pointe with Knife Shoes



There’s a lump in my throat as I watch this delicate yet dangerous balancing act. En Puntas is a video installation by artist Javier Pérez featuring Ballerina Amélie Ségarra performing en pointe atop a grand piano, wearing a customized set of pointe shoes fixed with a pair of sharp kitchen knives.

It is a performance so anguishing to watch that all I can wonder is ‘Are we really billing this as art?’

Segarra gasps during the video while trying to maintain her balance. As she steadies herself she leaves purposeful long scrapes across the piano with the blades.

The intensity of her performance can’t be overlooked, when she cries out in pain, you want this already short performance to end that much sooner. It is her strength and perseverance amongst such difficulty that compels you to continue on.

[Pérez] says that the performance reveals the weaknesses that become the boundaries between seemingly irreconcilable concepts such as: beauty and cruelty, fragility and violence, culture and nature or life and death.”

javierperezenpuntas3 Ballerina Performs En Pointe with Knife Shoes

javierperezenpuntas5 Ballerina Performs En Pointe with Knife Shoes

Ballerina Performs En Pointe with Knife Shoes

Ballerina Performs En Pointe with Knife Shoes

You can watch the video here

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The Rain Room

Looks like I have another reason to visit the Rain Room over at MoMA (Museum of Modern Art). We were lucky enough to have a preview of the room the night of the MoMA PS1 Expo1 Opening Party. But alas, we lost our shots. So we’re giving you some amazing shots that folks have been taking while inside Random International’s exhibit.

The Rain Room at Moma

The Rain Room is interactive large-scale installation (the brainchild of London-based experimental collective Random International) – you step into this intense, expansive room with the roaring sound of rain coming down all around you, water flows continuously, yet the installation’s sensors detect your movements and shuts off the water around you – creating a magical effect, giving you the feel that you wield some control over the weather – not to mention, it makes for some pretty decent photo ops.

The exhibit runs until July 28th and is well worth the wait in line to experience.

image credit: artnerdnewyork, mymodernmet.