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HAHA MAG is an online mag based out of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania focused delivering large doses of arts education in a fun and informative way. We are passionate about art being “by the people, for the people, and of the people.” HAHA magazine digs deep into art and find out what makes all of us art lovers tick with a variety of unique features.


HAHA attracts a diverse global readership interested in the arts, entertainment, shopping, art collecting and travel.  We engage our readers through our growing social media outlets Twitter, Tumbler, Foursquare, Facebook.


We welcome businesses to place ads on our site as well as sponsorship opportunities: sponsored posts, social promotions, dedicated emails .

We offer a limited amount of ad space so our sponsors are guaranteed more amplified time with our readers.

For a more detailed breakdown of our visitor demographics please contact Ginger Rudolph, Founder  at

Online Ad Rates:

There are four advertisement slots available per month – (2) 480×60 & (2) 25×125 Ad Spaces. Only Two Ads are displayed on one page at a time.

25px by 125 px static banner on front page.

Space is now available.


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