17th-century Dutch Inspired Wearable Art Worthy of any Art Phene’s Attention

Models walked the runway wearing broken frames and twisted canvas like jilted lovers whose aggression found retribution in the cruelest of ways.

This isn’t some avant-garde Chelsea gathering, but the latest fashion show put on by the courageous fashion duo Viktor&Rolf.

As the models finished their turn on the catwalk Viktor&Rolf stood quiet in the background helping a chosen few out of the exaggerated outfits, rearranging the cracked textile frames and fabrics inspired by 17th-century Dutch Golden Age artwork, and hanging them on the back wall.

Moving works of art are steady features in the duo’s repertoire  – their early 2015 Haute Couture line, Van Gogh Girl was richly influenced by Van Gogh‘s style and vivid depictions of rural countrysides. During that runway show each flower printed A-line babydoll dress increased in color, topped off with ever growing sculptural straw hats. 

“Art comes to life in a gallery of surreal proportions,” read the designers’ show notes. “A dress transforms into an artwork, back into a dress and into an artwork again. Poetry becomes reality, morphing back into fantasy.”

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via My Modern Met

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