Jim Bachor’s 2016 Pothole Art Installation ‘Pretty Trashed’

jim bachor new pothole campaign_HM

  Thanks to another successful Kickstarter campaign, Chicago artist, Jim Bachor has gotten started on his 2016 pothole art campaign. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, Bachor has been delighting art blogs since 2014 when he decided to put a… Continue Reading

The Kids’ Eye: An Interview with Drew Leshko

The Kids' Eye Interview with Drew Leshko_HM

The Kids’ Eye is our new series where creative kids interview artists whose work they admire.
We give them tips on proper interviewing etiquette, arm them with a camera and a recorder and then we let them loose. We’re only there to observe. The questions are theirs, the interviews haven’t been rewritten to sound like anything other than the probing journalism of a tween. Continue Reading