Insomnia: Aitch’s Beautiful Us

You know how this works. I wait till I have my typical bout of insomnia, lay in bed and troll through the internet looking for something special I can share with you sheep chasers. I’m catching up with the perky Victorian-esque morbidity of illustrator, Aitch, as we stroll through her bright and bold reincarnation of Victorian melancholy and folky illustrations depicting the dreamy-ist of dreams. Continue Reading

We Saw It And Loved It: Our Top Art Exhibitions of 2017

Sadly, our Wish List of ‘Must See Exhibitions’ was too extensive to cover. What we saw and loved made our list of Top Art Exhibitions of 2017. Thankfully, most of these shows run through 2018. If you haven’t seen them, here’s your convincer. Continue Reading

The Official Miami Art Basel Roundup of 2017

The 16th Edition of the Miami Art Basel featured 268 premier galleries from 32 countries, a new exhibition layout – longer, aisles, wider aisles, more lounge space (much needed for rest, relax and recharging). Oh, and our roundup of standout pieces! Continue Reading

Beauty In The Eye of The Beholder – The Embroidery Work of Hannalie Taute

Jeopardy phrased responses we would accept if the answer was, The Work of Hannalie Taute: What are things I would buy for my Goth summer house; What are things that embody 21st Century feminism; What are fractured things that put a beautiful little black mark on my otherwise fearless heart. Continue Reading